Burnout dealing. How to deal with burnout? Living example.


If You are not the first time on my website, You noticed already, that I didn’t post anything for almost half of a year.

I didn’t write anything here, and I didn’t do anything for my other online ventures as well.


Why I didn’t done anything for almost half a year?


The reason is very simple. I decided to take a break, because I was to overwhelmed with all of things, which were going on in my life.

As You probably read in my previous posts, I have a daily job. And it is not regular 9 – 5 job.

I am doing a lot of after hours, and I do need travel a lot as well.

Sitting in car for 4 hours in the row is making me really tired.

Yesterday I was sleeping for 12 hours, after 4 hours of driving, and 10 hours of programming work after.

I have noticed that to many online ventures, and too many things, which I am starting, and obviously I am not finishing, because I have not enough time is killing me.

Maybe not literally, but it does affect for my private life as well.

So I decided that i need a break from everything, beside my job, which is currently (and was earlier too), my only source of income.

I didn’t plan a date to get back for it. Just told myself, that it isn’t working in this model, so I stopped.



Dealing with burnout in my way.


What I was doing with this whole time?

I was thinking about my priorities in life. Back then (half year ago) I was in the biggest hole ever. I needed a break, and time to recreate my prioritization.

I have decided few weeks ago, that I need to go back to this, because it really makes me happy.

I was dreaming about my own business since I was a kid.

Literally, I was playing with friends when i was a child… And always, when we were playing I had a company, had my own business cards, and so on.

So having a business is my purpose.

So Why I am not doing it right away?

I do have a mortgage to pay, car expenses, house expenses, and I do need to eat…

As My savings, are not high enough I do need a daily job for a while.

But I need to go back to my business ventures, and projects, but from far different angle.

My decision is to focus on one thing on a time. Finishing this thing (project), or taking it to a point, when I can do something else.

I have new website, which I created just before my online vacations.

Now, when I am back, first thing I have decided to finish this website to the end. After I do that, I can do something else.

In this way I can stay focus, and finished projects are keeping me on the right track.


Best way to stay motivated.


My recipe to stay motivated is pretty easy. I need to have vision of the end… For few years after now, and see things, which I am doing now as a part of something bigger.

I need money to my projects, but I decided that it will be a few steps venture.

Creating websites for earning money online is important, to raise enough for future investitions.

Each website, which I go online is making me more motivated for another thing.

My other thing, which I am considering as a helpful is this blog.

I know that I need to make a daily update, so I need to be honest with myself here.

Seting up things, like this blog, and doing something, what really have giving me results is enough for me to stay motivated.

Plus of course the vision of the end…


How to handle ideas?


I have a lot of ideas each day, but I can’t just stop doing, what I am doing and start doing something new each day.

I have Evernote (which is my best tool), and I am using it daily.

If something just pops up to my head, I simply add a note with a short description, what is that.

I am doing an update with those notes every time, when I finished a project.

Because after finishing project there is a time for making a decision abut the second venture.

In this way, I don’t have to focus on what I will be doing, or worry that I will forgot about some great Idea.

By the way, I have evernote on my Mac, and on My phone!

What to do, when You are start feeling that You are burning out?


So back to the essence of this little post.

When You are start feeling depressed, or too nervous, or to stressed about what You are currently doing with Your side projects.

Just do a step back.

Think about Your priorities, and simple take a break!

Look at me. I took a break for few months, when I was not doing anything!

I was working in my daily job, spending some money on myself, and reading books.

That is all.

No programming, no planning, and no emailing about anything.

Now I am back much more strong, and much more motivated, because I see the vision, and purpose for everything what I am doing.

I have started going to gym more regularly, and chatting with people.

I am much better with time management, and I feel good, when I am working with my side projects.

I am no longer stressed, that i don’t see the results.

I am spending much less time on reading how to do some things. I am just doing it, because I think that trial and error, is the best way to actually learn.

I need some background, that is obvious, but beside that Just try to do what You have learned.

Another thing is just in time learning, when you are learning only thing, which is Your next step.

If You are planning to learn Facebook marketing, do it when You have finished website, not when You are just struggling about the domain.