Gap in the Daily Updates


I didn’t write for two days again. The reason, why is that is pretty simple.

I was struggling about the Daily Updates module. Two previous Updates were so time consuming to me, that I realized that I can’t really afford for doing such detailed updates about the topics in Daily Updates section.

Especially, when I know, that internalcalm is not my priority website. This is only an experiment, and  a side project of a side project, but doesn’t mean I don’t want to provide value.

I need a schedule, and a good decision.

Decision about Internal Calm


I have made a decision, that I am going back to the Original Plan, with one exception.

I am going to focus in daily updates on less technical, and value providing side of my nature, and keep it for Blog, where actually nothing is there yet.

Articles, which I am writing about topics like decision making process, and productivity tips I should save for Blog, and writing it once a week. Probably Saturday Morning will be the best time for me to do such a hustle.


Sunday Revealed


Today is Sunday. I have to finish my work with one of my websites, which is almost done.

And do some keyword research for one of my clients. I have a meeting after 5 PM, so I have to be ready for this one.

In Sunday I am also planning rest of the week. Where I will spend time each day, and what I will do for my business ventures.

Keep in touch with InternalCalm, and go to the Blog section soon.