Internal Calm Journey begins today

A quick explanation, what it is all about with those daily updates.

My story – the short introduction

When I was at colleague I have lot of problems with focusing on one thing on a time. I consider myself as a Person, who can deal with lot of tasks in same time. I didn’t also have any problems with switching.

Until… I have started my first job. Doing multi projects in the same time is great, but I have to work with specific plan, which is established from my Manager. He decided, where I have to go, and what Project handle. As na IT Programmer, I was not working with super big projects.

Most of my projects were worth less than 100 000$, and were based purely on creating software. I was working myself, and keeping track on my daily progress.

After 3 years I have been promoting from Younger Programmer, through Programmer, Older Programmer, and in 2016 I have started the Project Management journey.

Project Management

Like I mention before, most projects on my company are implemented by one person. Sometimes there is a team work involved in small (less than 5 people) teams.

As I young project manager with experience in software I decided to do all of my work in accordance with SCRUM methodology,

It really doesn’t matter than I will not manage with huge team. Golden rule is to work with teams with 1-9 people.

Introduction to my version of SCRUM

Cause I am working with about 100 projects in a year (some of them have duration about 1 week, and other ones 1 year), I have decided to really keep focus on creating tasks on the beginning, calculate all of the work hours of my teams on those tasks, but keep the task list dynamic as possible.

My main goal is to keep updating my client as often as possible, because I don’t want my team to waste time on creating same thing more than once.

When I am thinking about task, I really mean a short functionality, which could be shown in the end.

Cause of stress in daily work

The truth is, the biggest stress for me is creating offers to our clients. I know when I calculate wrong, there will be losses, and probably me team will end up without any extra cash.

Also too many things in private life, which I want to achieve is a cause of stress. When I want done too much, I am accepting, that probably none of them will be finished.

So Why do I need a Internal Calm for?

As I am in the learning process of my new position, and I have some other stuff to done with my private businesses I have decided to really focus on the beginning on developing better productivity in myself.

I do need to meditate, do some exercises, and learn my SEO profession. To reconcile all of those thing, I have decided to start keeping track on my daily schedule, and really make a commitment to develop some routines.

To actually do that I have started a Personal blog, which you are reading right now. My personal journey to become a better writer, a better Project Manager, and SEO Specialist.

I just really like working, because it is a great feeling to actually have a purpose.

So… When You want to check what I am doing every day, fill free to check out the daily updates.

The idea with the Blog is pretty simple. When I will learn something new, or when I am really doing something what works, I will do some notes, and create a Blog post about il. Simple as that.

If someone will be looking for some productivity, or task management tips he will be on the right place, because on my Blog I will writing only the Ultimate Guides.

Day 0 : Starting from tomorrow

To my daily updates I have a simple routine to implement

  • 4 days in the week I want to sleep for 6 hours.
  • 3 days in the week I want to sleep for 7 hours.
  • After waking up I want to drink 0,5 liters of water.
  • After drinking water I want to brush my teeth.
  • Then excursuses (really quick push-ups).
  • Doing my morning work for my SEO Agency, which I am just starting out.
  • Going to the swimming pool (at least 4 times a week)

And I will be keeping track on that routine. Also I want to read books, and of course doing a daily updates here.

Hope to wake up at 6 AM tomorrow (The big plan is to wake up everyday between 4 AM, and 5 AM, but more important for me is to sleep at least for 6 hours, so it is too late today to wake up at 4 tomorrow).