What changes in my mentality in 21 days

First of all, I have never been so consequence about exercises… I feel that I am much more effective, when I am moving… Not sitting all day in front of monitor, and figuring out the problems.

Making my body more oxygenated makes me much more energetic. Yesterday I was at Gym first time this week (other days I was swimming), and I have to say that I feel a blast today…

It is 7 PM right now, and I don’t feel tired at all… I feel like I can done so much more today (like writing this post).

Now is the great time to deal with emails for my business… I do have client, which I am working with, and Yes I hope this will be long term (now I am on the beginning phase of fixing his website).

I have finished my work (after 12 hours), and I feel like I could work for at least 6 more, but the plan is much different.

I will go to the Gym at 8, but first e-mails, blog post here, and some research of my Evernote List

Make a list, and Plans

Like I mentioned I am using Evernote. Probably I could use it much more for documenting my private photos, but I am not.

I am saving only my notes, plans, and ideas.

Everything, which is poping into my head have to be noted in Evernote in special section for New Ideas.

If someone asked me which three tools I do recommend to have on every computer it definitely will be Evernote (also Microsoft Excel, and Afinity Photo).

I have this problem with ideas, when I did not document it I simply forget about them…

So every time, when I am thinking about some new project, or about something new which i could done with myself, I simply make a note, and once a week (Saturday night), I do an Overview about what i do have in my new Ideas Inbox…

Sometimes some of them just not make sense anymore (after deeper thinking about them), but other ones need to be categorized, and actually i can make a Project from them.

About making lists in Oldschool I do recommend Getting Things Done. I have actually read this book three times, to understand the knowledge properly, and I am trying using it with Evernote.


I have started been a Gym addict for 2 weeks. It makes me more stressful, and focus, also haven’t been seek for a while, so I also “blame” for that sweating out everything, which is wrong in my system.

To be clear, I am not eating super healthy… But I am trying to eat the last meal 4 hours before sleep, and reduce the Fast Foods (earlier I did eat at least 2 Pizzas in the week).

I do want to lose some weight, but exercising is great for my mind, and for reducing my stress.

I do actually thing, that much more effective for me is, when I am exercising in the morning, unfortunately, when I am driving to work, only swimming pool is opened in my surroundings.

Also what I did, which make a massive change is thinking about sport…

Earlier I thought that I do need hours every day to make a change… So I did not those hours, and did not exercise.

I noticed something.

Every morning I do make a shower… It takes me 15 minutes…

So instead if this shower I am driving to swimming pool for a 30 minutes, when I do have 20 minutes of effective swim, and waste only 15 minutes (so I wake up 15 minutes earlier).

Thanks to that simple role I have energy for hole day, after 20 minutes…

Don’t start anything more than twice

This rule is pretty simple… Each time, when you are starting something You need time to understand that thing, and next work with it…

It doesn’t matter if it is choosing new phone, or making a business decision.

When You start something, next drop it off for a 2 weeks, next time, when You will do something with this thing… You basically will have to start from the beginning, what means You have wasted time, when You have been handling with this thing last time…


every time, when I decide to do some research about something I want to get to the point, when I can finish some sentence…

And, when I say finish, I mean buying something, or making some decision, or getting to the point, when I can say, ok… This is ended loop, next time when i pick this topic I can continue from here.

Maybe You have started something, but someone interrupted You, but try to not make same mistake more than twice…

Trust me on that, this is pretty simple, and can make you much smarter, when it goes with dealing with Your time.