Difficulties with time management

As I mentioned before on this blog, I do have work, which effects my other ventures.

I am starting, and ending my “9-5” everyday differently, so I can’t plan everything from start to the end.

Also I do have lot of stress…

I know that whole plant, in which I am working depends on me, and my skills.

As a programmer in Industry I do have often days, when I know that this is the deadline, and if I can’t figure something out, to move forward with the project.

There will be money consequences on my firm.

So when I am actually in one of my client locations (unfortunately most of clients are far from my home, so when I have to dive to them, I am staying for couple of nights in surrounding hotel).

As I have tried many times to actually do something else in those days, when I am during this business trips.

I actually never achieve my goal.

My typical day looks like that:

  1. Wake up at 7 AM
  2. Go to work at 8 AM
  3. Finish work at 8 PM
  4. Get back to hotel, do some reading
  5. Get sleep at 11 PM.

So I have decided that if I can’t actually do some creative work then.

I can handle with my health in those 4 hours of day, which I have left.


I have signed to a Gym, and try to go sweating there every day after work.

Those 2 hours on different equipment is a blast for my stress, and feel of comfort the day after.

Typically I am spending 3 days (2 nights) out of home, so I can go to the Gym 3 times a week (which is recommended amount according to my coach).

On the rest of time I do have a simple plan:

  1. Reading emails, and writing back to my clients, and my contractors.
  2. Reading Blog posts about SEO, and Marketing (what is my biggest area of interest).
  3. Sleeping, and relaxing (Normally I do not sleep for 8 hours a day).

How I am going to realize this plan

To make things straight, this is only my Plan, when I am during business trip for more than 1 day, and I have to work long hours, which makes me less productive for my own projects.

When I am at home I do have much more to offer.

Those weekends, and hours after work are really the core of my development…

Of course I also want to spend as much time I can with my Girlfriend, so this is really important for me to plan things upfront.

Planning weekends

A few days ago I have read about planning weekends.

After deeper thought, it really make sense…

Each weekend I do want to do something fun, what makes me more relaxed, and keeps me waiting for this opportunity.

Thanks to that I can be more focus on work, because when I will finished I will reward myself.

I don’t mean doing every move according to some scenario (there is place for spontaneity).

It is just a self motivator, which can only make me start working earlier.