Constant changes

Like You could noticed I did some changes on the internal calm website.


Also I did create today two posts in the row (didn’t mention it before but yesterday I was back home, and just simple go sleep just after opening the door of my apartment).

And I really don’t want to mess with those dates in WordPress.

I know that I could change the date of the post, or simply hide it…

I will not do this, because like I mention before those daily updates are just for keeping the track of my progress (ups, and downs).

I am learning a tone in the process, and actually keep knowing better myself.

I feel bad, when I didn’t write a post for all day (24 hours for writing 15 minutes article is a reasonable amount of time).

But this is only showing my weaknesses, which I am fighting with.

Back on the track…

As today is Saturday, I really wanted to make some changes on internal calm, which I have been planning during the week.

As You know Jan 25, 2017, was a blast because I write about 3000 words in few hours, which were divided for 5 articles (as I had massive backlogs).

The same day I did some initial changes, but because I have been out of my private laptop back then I couldn’t finish.

So now is the time to actually make this website a little bit more readable, and organized.

Organizing the workspace

I have to say, that when I am in the work zone I am used to specific tools.

When I am prepared for work, and am in my actual work zone I am following specific rules.


To avoid distractions.


I really do like sport, especially football (in European style), so I am keeping track on updates, and news.

When I am doing that? Probably to often…

But I follow one rule, which keep me out of those distractions during my work time.

One simple rule to avoid distractions during work

I am using only my phone for reading sport news, and other fun stuff.

My private laptop, and work laptop have different purposes.

So I am programing my mind to work for myself, when I am sitting in front of my private laptop, and work for my company when I am in front of work laptop.

In this way I am much more efficient…

When I finished what I have planned, or when I have some break, I can simple stand up, and grab phone to update my football database.

Using different tools for different applications

I have there web browsers installed on my MacBook.

Each of them have their own purpose, and thanks to keeping this rule alive I can do more.


SAFARI – I am using to writing blog posts, editing WordPress sites (my own, and my clients websites)

GOOGLE CHROME – research, and study (when I am searching some how-to’s, and researching info for my ventures).

FIREFOX – SEO (I have a bunch of tools installed on Mozilla, and keep using it).

Try this simple tactic to keep more focus on what are You currently doing, and be consequent.

I guarantee that You will do more in less time.