Keeping balance in life

I have to say sometimes it is really hard to live in such amount of fronts.

I do mean family life, 9-5 work, and business.

But this is the beginner cost, we probably all have to handle with.

When business become bringing profits, this is the time, when You can celebrate, and spend much more time with family, and friends.

Before that…

Sometimes it is a black hole.

Everyone of us (beginning entrepreneurs), have this time, when We aren’t exactly sure, if this business thing is good path.

Especially those ones with soulmates in the side.

I have this privilege, that I have with me person, which knows, why I am doing, what I am doing…

But, is it fair that I am spending so little time with her?

Keep everything balanced

I am thinking now from different perspective…

What is the most important thing in my life?

Try to ask Yourself this simple question.

Is is work?

Is it business?

If both answers are negative, this is the best time to actually make some changes, to make Your life more balanced and squeeze as much from time, which You have as You can.

#1 Don’t do everything by Yourself

This was probably the biggest think, which I have understand recently…

If I do want to succeed, I really can’t do everything by myself.

I have to find a team, which I can use, when it is time for work done.

My week has only 168 hours, and it is impossible to do everything by myself.

I have to setup systems, to make my business automated as much as I can, and make money as a broker.

I could made 100% for myself, if I’ve done all of the work myself.

I could made 70% profit, if I hire some coulee guy to make the work for me for stabile salary

I could outsource the whole work, and earn 30% of the contract.

Probably the first solution is most profitable, but only for short therm…

And this is the difference between businessman, and a specialist…

I preffer to do 10 contracts in the month, and earn 30%, than do 3, and earn 100%.


Because in those 10 I probably spend 2 hours on each of them (worst case scenario).

And this is really on what I do wanna focus on.

#2 Plan Your free time, same as You plan Your work time

I have problem with just spending time with doing nothing…

Or focusing on the wind, or sun…

But this is really important to get as much as We can from resting time.

The end effect is that, what really matters…

Not how much time You did spend on achieving this effect.

If You can work only in weekends, and You do have to spend time on other stuff, like spending time with¬†friends, and doing home related stuff…

Get back to the point #1 and outsource more work.

Find Your gap in the day, when You can spend 2 – 4 hours without being distracted, and make Your work done.

After that You can rest all day.

I do mean that.

If You have to wake up at 4 AM, simply do that…

At 8 AM probably all of Your family members will get up, and You can spend the rest of the day with them…

8 hours in the week is much more than 0.

8 is less than 40, but it doesn’t have to be the cause of delays.

Use those 8 hours as effective as You can…

Don’t distract by other things going on in Your surroundings.

This have to be most precious time of Your work day, after that You will be rewarded.

Plan rest of Your free day, go to the cinema, or play ball.

#3 Don’t rush

If You have 2 hours on the week, this is also not a problem.

It just simple mean, that You have to probably wait a little bit more for effects.


You will maximize the #1 point.

Don’t be frustrated if it is another week, with 0 effects in Your business…

Frustration is destructive, I know something about that, because I was there…

I have buried much more projects, than You could imagine.


Because I have planned too much, and couldn’t achieve this in time, which I have planed.

The final tip

I do realized that, it needs time to figure everything out, and

The most important is to never give up!

Remember that the most fun time, is when You actually are chasing the habit, not after You catch it.

I don’t want to wish You, to be the chaser all the life, but catching everyday is as bad as that.

Keep up with work, and let time do everything else.