Two posts in single day? Is that legal?

Sorry… First time I break my golden rule to post every day! Actually I skip yesterday…

My excuse is that… I didn’t have an Internet connection in my hotel last night!

But to be fair… I have opened my Word, and type my thoughts (beside this paragraph).

How is my progress out of home?

To be honest I am not fully satisfied wirh my progress… It was cold today, and I couldln’t motivate myself to get from bed… So I started reading…

This is my new tactic… Always, when I just can’t do what I had planned to do… I am starting reading….

I just read today that Warren Buffet reads 500 pages every single day.

I really like inspiring books, biography about famous people, which actually did some change on the field of their interest, and Warren is one of them!

I have the Snowball on my shelf, but it is waiting now for better times (probably more focused ones).

So… I did reading, I did drinking water, did washing teeth, and did the push-ups, but unfortunately did not meditate!

And this is a little bit exhausting… Because I promise myself that I will be doing this 10 minute sessions every single day.

Solution is to make a progress day by day. I can’t just say to myself that I want to capitulate, and never meditate again… i just have to do everything to go the best path for me in the next day…