We are learning something each day

I just realized that… I have been reading couple of pages of really good book What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

Do You have sometimes this feeling, when something obvious just pop to Your brain, and You are really crazy happy because of it.

Today I have learned that really important thing is to plan Your rest time!

Our brain is much more efficient, when He knows that for about 3 hours he will be doing X, which is fun, so he could just be more focused for those 3 additional hours of work.

What I did today is satisfying

And I should probably stop there.

I did swim, and did meditation, which is great (especially that I skipped last 2 sessions).

As today is Friday I will have some more time, and less related with work stress I can just do more things, which are related with my development.


Much more work, because I have to finish website for one of my clients (Yes I have first clients).

Most important in Projects which I am running parallel to my 9 – 5 job (or sometimes 6 AM – 8 PM), is that I have to move each thing week by week. Sometimes I don’t need to spend any time on a project…

Only meet a client, talk to him, and make him sure that everything is under control, and will be just like we were spoken.

Tomorrow I have meeting with one of my clients, and I have to finish changes, which we booth agreed to do week ago.

Boost of energy after work

I have great recipe to boost an energy after work…

But it remains few steps (summary about 40 minutes, when you add additional 20 minutes for eating dinner, it is really great, because after one hour after work You are ready to do Your projects):

  1. Get a 15 minute nap.
  2. Wake up from bed and do some home related stuff, like filling the dishwasher.
  3. Play Football as fastest I can in home for about 5 minutes (and I am talking about shots, dribbling, and other fun stuff).
  4. Do 20 push-ups.
  5. Drink coffee
  6. You are ready to do Your work

This is really a boost of energy! I am much faster after that (just same as when I am morning swimming).

The goal of the recipe is pretty simple…

To not waste time on preparing to doing something…

And after this… You are doing something much less effective than in Your best day hours!

BTW. I am using one of those balls to play in home, and I am super satisfied…