First day of the weekend can be productive

Saturday started not bad… Only minus was that, I was not sleeping very well, so in the time, when I was waking up, I was a little bit disappointed about the time when I go to sleep, and the time, when I have actually fall in sleep.

But, when I started my Saturday meeting all settle down, and I started having lot of energy (surprisingly).

I was at the swimming pool, and done some 30 minutes of decent swim.

Today was no reading day

As I have to finish a website for my client, and go with it public I didn’t have much time for self development…

Of course I am writing on this blog, which is a part of my journey, but this post will be really short.

I have a lot of work today with the website, and hopefully enough energy to actually go to sleep at the midnight.

Probably i shouldn’t change my habit of time, when I go to sleep, and wake up, but there have to be exceptions.

Why this day was perfect

Because I am having really lot of energy!

Also I was eating really healthy (and drink a bit of wine).

Also my new haircut was done the job to make me more relax, and feel more accepted.

One thing, I wish today, is that to save some energy for tomorrow!