When You are starting Your online journey,You don’t know with what You should start with. There are so many things, which You should know.

Creating a website from technical side, learning how to write, and how to actaually make an impact on people, who are Your potential buyers.

It doesn’t matter what is Your object of interest. You can sell services, courses, or physical product. It is like with every other thing, which You are handling.

You can always hire someone to do all of the work for You, but there are two problems with this decision.

You need to have money (or really good friends, who will help You for free), and You could be exposed for cheating from Your potential Employees.

I am not assuming that people are not honest, but it is always better to know the basics, because You can speak with the same language with people, which You hire.

Just time learning


This methodology tells You that You should learn things in time, when You actually need it.

I have mentioned about this in my previous post about burnout dealing.

I am learning small pieces of marketing craft, but in exact time, when I have to use it for my business.

For example, when I am creating a website such like internal calm I am learning about differences between different platforms, like wordpress, joomla or drupal, and many others.

I actually need to choose one, because without choosing I can not learn how to actually create a website in this platform.

Second step is to learn how to install wordpress, how to buy server first, and choosing the best server provider for it.

Creating a simple wordpress website is really a hustle sometimes if You are just starting out, but You have to never give up.

I personally advice to You to just try to learn the basics of wordpress, and the idea behind plugins, themes, and their configuration, because after Your Engineer finally creates Your dream website, You have to handle with it alone.

You can always hire him to paste Your posts there, which you will be sending in some word document, but is it really the case?


Plan is always the most important part


Simple steps for creating website, and learning everything in the process:

  • Finding the best web platform
  • Finding the best web hosting provider.
  • Learning about domain names.
  • Buying domain name.
  • Installing wordpress on server, configuring wordpress.
  • Creating emails on server.
  • Choosing and configuring theme.
  • Choosing and configuring plugins.
  • Creating the website structure (like pages, and links)
  • Writing first post


Each of the point above You should learn, but when the time comes. What is the use of learning how to Configure wordpress theme, if You don’t know how to install wordpress platform.

You get my point right?

I will write a massive article about just in time learning, and how to really plan all of those things, which are going on in the background of it, but You pretty much get the basics.

You should always remember, that practice is more important than knowledge.

You can know theory of everything, but if You don’t practice, You really don’t know what are the problems between the lines.

You should always learn something, and use this knowledge right  away.

Maybe the website You create is not the final one, but You can really learn during doing something.